Building a Dynasty: The Chicago Blackhawks – by Antony Rossi

As the exciting 2014-2015 NHL season came to an abrupt end for the Tampa Bay Lightning, one very special team has continued their dynasty with the homecoming of their third Stanley Cup in 6 years. As you may know, the Chicago Blackhawks are the 2014-2015 Stanley Cup Champions! They have surpassed three teams before becoming the Western Conference Champions and finally went on to take down the Bolts and win the most coveted prize in all of sports, the Stanley Cup.In the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the ‘Hawks went head to head with Nashville Predators. The Predators won only two games in their wild series against the Blackhawks, but still played as hard as they could. Unfortunately for the Predators however, the Blackhawks won the first series of the 2015 playoffs in just game six.

The second round, just as the first, was quite wild, especially considering Chicago faced the Minnesota Wild in this series. Both teams played hard nosed, though the Wild were brought down in just four games. The ‘Hawks were triumphant against the Wild throughout the whole series as they swept them, winning game after game after game after game, to ultimately win the series without a challenge four games to none.

In the Western Conference Finals against the mighty Anaheim Ducks, the Blackhawks were faced with their biggest challenge yet, as the ‘Hawks had to force a game seven against the Ducks. Falling behind in the Conference Finals in game one, the Blackhawks started the series with a loss. Looking forward to game two against the Ducks, the ‘Hawks came out on top, tying the series at one win each. In game three, Anaheim won, leading the series two games to one. But in the fourth game, Chicago won to tie the series just like game two. This pattern emerged for games three and four as well, but finally in game seven, the Chicago Blackhawks proved victorious over the Anaheim Ducks to win the title Western Conference Champions and move on to the Stanley Cup Finals against the Eastern Conference Champions, the Tampa Bay Lighting.

The Tampa Bay Lightning, also called the Bolts, are the 2014-2015 Eastern Conference Champions, showing all of their skill and talent as they triumphed over the Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, and the New York Rangers on their journey to the finals. In round one, the Bolts defeated the Red Wings in a shutout in game seven with a final score of two to zero. Having advanced into round two, they defeated the Canadiens in six games with the final score of game six being four to one. In the Eastern Conference Finals, Tampa faced The New York Rangers. NYR was just as much of a challenge as Detroit was for Tampa as the Rangers and Bolts went into a game seven with a final score of two goals to none in favor of the Lighting once again. Finally, Tampa Bay sprung forward into the Stanley Cup Finals against the dynasty of the Chicago Blackhawks.

Now going head to head in a wicked tough Stanley Cup Final against the Tampa Bay Lightning, the ‘Hawks put their best foot, or skate in this case, forward to face the ‘Beast of the East’ from this season. In game one, Chicago came out on top with a final score of two to one. In game two, Tampa retaliated, crushing the Blackhawks four goals to three. Game three allowed for the Bolts to lead the series two games to one, with a final score of three to two. The ‘Hawks came back to win the next three games with a final score in game four of two goals to one, two goals to one in game five as well, and finally in game six, the cup was hoisted as Chicago won the Stanley Cup for the third time in six years with a final score of two to nothing.

As the Chicago Blackhawks won their third Stanley Cup Championship in the past six years, they have continued a dynasty. With captain Jonathan Toews leading the way to the franchise’s success as of late, the ‘Hawks are once again the Stanley Cup Champions! Congratulations to the team and all of their success in the past six years, and may their dynasty keep building!

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