Apple Playing Catch Up – by Michael Frye


Apple recently hosted their Keynote Press Conference. In this conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook and his staff announced new upgrades to their iPhone, iWatch, and iPad products. Alongside the new iWatch, they announced a new OS system for the device giving it a few more functions, and also announced new straps of leather and other colors. Apple also introduced the new iPad Pro, along with a keyboard and stylus.

The new iPad Pro will cost $799 for 32GB or $1,079 for 128GB. The keyboard will cost $169, and the stylus will cost $99 on its own, so you better not lose that stylus! With the stylus, it appears to have the same function and capabilities as a professional drawing tablet but also the keyboard seems to perform double duty as the cover and keyboard. It seems as if Apple is trying to compete with Microsoft’s Surface Pro. With the new upgrades coming to the market, it shows that Apple is trying to appeal to their artist demographic, along with their high price tags.

Apple also announced a few small upgrades to what is the new iPhone 6S. The newest upgrade being “3D touch”. This isn’t the actual 3D touch you would imagine however. The new iPhone now has the ability to sense the amount of force you’re pushing against your phone. This allows more functions to be added to your phone, almost like an alternative from just simply tapping your phone. Apple also added a selection of games. Another new feature is whenever the user takes a picture, it records a few seconds before and after you took the picture. So when you view it, you see a short video as well. This feature does not sound so great in practice because if you wanted to take video, you’d take the video, same with taking a still image.

This whole conference can be seen as either them trying to catch up with Microsoft or another sign that Apple is running out of ideas, but one thing is for sure, and it’s that Apple does not have the best product out there.

One thought on “Apple Playing Catch Up – by Michael Frye

  1. Puh-leeeze! Apple isn’t playing catch-up with Microsoft. Just because an apple product bears a slight physical resemblance to something another company made first doesn’t mean the new Apple product isn’t superior in every way.

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