Heroin: Manchester’s Biggest Problem – by Kevin Yeung

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Heroin, one of the most deadly and addictive drugs ever, has spread into our community of Manchester. The abuse of heroin has skyrocketed in the recent years and the Manchester community has been suffering from this very addiction. The state of NH is ranked first in drug dependence among 18-25 year olds. With such an issue surrounding the city, many individuals look for ways to further prevent the use of heroin, one of them being Chris Hickey, a local fireman.

In recent weeks, Mr. Hickey has gone to different Manchester schools to give a presentation about the dangers of heroin use. In the powerpoint shown to students, many statistics about the abundance of heroin as well as rate of addiction in recent years were displayed. Along with these statistics, many disturbing pictures of heroin addicts were on the powerpoint.

Pictures of arms decorated with “train tracks” created from the entrance points of needles were on display. Rotting flesh, deformed faces with sores due to scratching, and many famous celebrities who died of overdoses were also shown. As terrible as these pictures may sound, the most horrifying may be the deformed babies born into a life of drug addiction. Such babies are born addicted to the same substance their own mother’s used during the pregnancy.

Because of this presentation, many students found the photos too gruesome to look at and found the presentation excessive. Being a member of the audience, the pictures were shocking to say the least, but this is Mr. Hickey’s goal. His goal stated in the beginning is “I want to scare the crap out of you so you won’t do heroin.” If the presentation was more reserved, he would not have achieved his goal, informing the youth about how dangerous heroin really is. He even stated that you are free to leave or look away if the presentation is too morbid for you.

Educating individuals about anything will allow people to make more informed decisions. Now that the youth recognize the dangers of heroin, this will more than likely reduce the amount of individuals thinking about trying heroin. Speaking with the students of Memorial High School after the presentation, they seemed terrified about heroin. The main step we can take to rid our community of this epidemic starts with  educating the youth and Chris Hickey did that perfectly.

3 thoughts on “Heroin: Manchester’s Biggest Problem – by Kevin Yeung

  1. I am now not certain where you’re getting your information, but
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    • Oh this was an article written about a presentation put on by someone at our school. We are a student made school newspaper, trying to focus on topics relating back to school, and more importantly, our school. So we got out facts from the presentation and put them into an article to upload to the site.


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