Fall is Beautiful, but Why? – by Michael Frye


The weather is getting colder. Summer is leaving and winter is coming for a visit. You may like the summer because of school vacation, or you might like the Winter because of the Christmas season. Whatever season you like more, we deal with all of them year round, whether we like it or not.

Each year, the Earth gets closer to the sun during the winter months, while it gets farther from the sun during the summer months. This doesn’t mean the entire world gets both winter and summer at the same time. The Earth spins on a twenty-three degree axis, which leads to more sunlight and more heat. In Australia for example, their seasons are just like ours, but in reverse. They have summer in December, and winter in June. Yes, this means that Australia does celebrate Christmas in the summer, but temperature isn’t the only thing that defines a season. The look of each season comes along with it too.

Summer has its heat, which tends to be related to the hot beaches of the season, while the fall has it’s colorful leaves, along with winter having its harsh blizzards. I think fall is special in this case. The temperature is decreasing, all the leaves on the trees start turning into different colors and the foliage becomes absolutely stunning. When the weather gets cold, the trees start drastically limiting its supply of nutrients. If the trees didn’t do this, the fluid inside the trees would freeze up and expand. This would badly damage a tree. Think of this as a form of hibernation for the trees. When they start cutting down on nutrients, the leaves turn a different color.

It will most commonly change from green, to a yellow-orange color. It can change into other colors like red if other chemical reactions are happening to the leaves. After that, the leaves fall so we can begin raking them all up to either dispose of them, or jump in them. Let’s ask ourselves another question, which season is the best season?

To answer this question, I looked at three separate polls, from 1947, 1960, and 2005. Each poll shows that spring was America’s favorite time of the year. Fall came in second place, and summer coming in third in two polls. Personally, I believe fall is the best, but whether you like spring, summer, fall, or winter, we here in New Hampshire have them all and these seasons are a part of our lives, so let’s enjoy them!

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