Crusade the Grade! – by Antony Rossi & Linda Huynh-Nguyen

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Crusade the Grade is a new peer tutoring program held in the MMHS Library Media Center to help freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors alike with a subject they’re struggling in. This new program started on November 23. You can attend during any of the following periods: B, C, E, F, G, or H. The peer tutors are the National Honor Society members of the MMHS junior and senior class that are dedicated to give you and your peers that little bit of extra help you may need. The students in NHS volunteered to help their peers in need.

The Crusade the Grade peer tutoring program is part of a Memorial High School DECA project put together to help out their peers. The managers for this project are MMHS juniors Breauna Eldredge, Linda Huynh-Nguyen, and Norma Martinez. This was their first DECA community service project. What they wanted to accomplish in the project was to help students who are struggling in classes. They were also struggling in classes. Their number one goal is to help students who are in need.

Upon walking into the marketing room to meet with our DECA advisors, we noticed that one of our partners was stressing out over her Algebra II and Trigonometry class. She was very distressed, almost to the point of tears. She was worried about getting a bad grade, as she did not comprehend the material she was learning. She was wishing that she had someone to help her out. Her mother had suggested getting her a tutor, but she had after-school commitments and work getting in the way. As we were trying to find a solution to her problem, we thought that it would be a helpful if our school had a tutoring program,” stated Breauna, “that way she would be able to get help in school and not have it come into conflict with her after-school life. We decided to take on the issue and start our own tutoring program.”

Although Memorial has many dedicated teachers and Mr. Adamakos was honored with Principal of the Year last year, our test scores are lower than they could be. Memorial High School is a three out of ten, according to The testing scores in math and science classes are around the 20% mark, ranking under the proficient or better percentile. Writing was around the 50% in 2014, but past years have been close to 40%. The dropout rate at MMHS is 2.99%. Students who wanted their diploma but couldn’t because they failed a few courses would take the courses over the summer. In 2015 at least twelve students did not graduate. Our attendance policy is very strict. Three tardies is equal to one absent. Five absences is a NG (No Grade) or an F. Most students would fail the class because they wouldn’t show up, or because they didn’t appeal. This is why it was important to start the Crusade the Grade peer tutoring program.

The Crusade the Grade peer tutoring program was founded on good intentions, and can only help out the students of Manchester Memorial High School further their academic excellence. With the help of Memorial’s NHS and DECA chapters, the girls were able to start a great program to help our school as a community.

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