MMHS Family Feud! – by Antony Rossi


Starting on Friday, December 18, our very own Mr. Adamakos will be hosting an assembly that he has been working on for just over a year now: the MMHS Family Feud! This competition is a game show currently hosted by Steve Harvey that includes two families of five contestants each competing to win the grand prize of $20,000 and a brand new car (typical game show prizes, if you ask me). Here at Manchester Memorial High School however, our version of the game will be a little unorthodox as teams will face off in single-elimination matches to win $250.00 for their respective clubs.

The MMHS version of Family Feud will include sixteen teams from different clubs around Memorial High School competing for the grand prize as well as a good time. The way the teams will move through the ranks in the game will be much like the NHL playoffs; there will be sixteen teams to start and four rounds of playoffs. The winning eight teams from round one will move on to round two. These teams will then play again in round two and the winning four teams will compete again in round three. The top two teams in the MMHS Family Feud league will then face each other in a final, single-elimination match to see which club or organization will win the cash prize.

In preparation for the event, the student body was polled for answers to the questions that will be in the game. Unlike traditional Family Feud, our entire student body was polled for the answers to each question, therefore the number that will appear on the board will be the percentage of the student body that answered with that answer, possibly making the game just a bit tougher. Like traditional Family Feud though, there are still only the top eight answers shown on the board during gameplay.

The Feud assembly is one that means a lot to the clubs and organizations of Memorial High School. The Feud’s main purpose is to help the non-athletic clubs gain recognition amongst the student body. Very seldom do you see clubs other than the sports teams of MMHS running around the gym at a pep rally or assembly. Mr. Adamakos wanted to put on this game show to help out the clubs that don’t have that needed awareness (such as The Crusader Newspaper) in order to thrive. Some of the other clubs playing in this assembly are Memorial’s DECA chapter, The Excalibur Yearbook staff, and Memorial’s 238 Robotics team. Of course there are twelve other teams which will be announced over the intercom during Memorial’s morning announcements within the next few days.

After a recent interview with Mr. A and an inside look on how the game will work, it is very clear how pumped he is to finally get this show on the road! The MMHS Family Feud has been in preparation for about a year now with one goal in mind: to raise recognition for the non-athletic clubs of Manchester Memorial High School and to let these students have their time in the limelight. Though it’s a game of untraditional Feud, it’s very similar to it’s traditional counterpart. This event will be a blast, no doubt about that. So in the wise words of King Arthur himself, “Are you ready for the Feud?”

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