The MMHS Hall of Fame – by Jacob Brahm & Patrick Deary

for HOF article

The Memorial Hall of Fame was first created in 1994 by the MMHS Assembly Committee which was a student group made up of more than 300 students. “We were thinking, well what else could we do, what doesn’t exist here” said Ted Menswar, a retired English teacher here at Memorial who, at the time of the formation of the Hall of Fame, was the Advisor of the Assembly Committee. This thought led to the creation of the Hall of Fame. Mr. Menswar researched how other schools did their Hall of Fame to get a good idea on how to do our school’s very own. He put together a committee of about 25 people who were either current or former teachers and coaches, and booster club members who knew the athletes of Memorial’s history.  If you did one or more sport your name was written down and then people in the committee would vote on who should be in the Hall of Fame. “You couldn’t just be a good athlete, you couldn’t just be a very good athlete, you had to be an excellent athlete.” said Mr. Menswar. This was the criteria for who was let in the Hall of Fame.

In 2006,  the Hall of Fame expanded into four categories: Red Division to commemorate athletes, Red Division to honor the coaches, White Division for remembering the incredible alumni, and finally the Blue Division to recognize the greatest volunteers. These three colors were  chosen because they represent Memorial’s school colors.  “I figured out that the common thread is… achievement, they all achieved to the maximum of their capability, they were all successful in whatever they chose to do.” said Mr. Menswar.

The Red Divisioncontinues to honor those athletes who displayed outstanding skill in the performance of one or more sports and were graduates of Memorial” and, for the coaches, “honors those members of the Memorial High coaching staff who demonstrated outstanding skill and leadership during their years of service and were well-respected by the members of the teams they led”.

The White Divisionhonors those graduates of Memorial who have attained outstanding levels of prominence through their contributions to society. This group includes (but is not limited to) those in education, entertainment, sports, medicine, the military, politics, private enterprise, the arts, and/or science.”   

The Blue Divisionhonors those individuals who have offered outstanding amounts of time and effort on behalf of Memorial High School. This group includes (but is not limited to) Booster Club members, parents, administrators, staff, students, and volunteers”. The next induction to the Hall of Fame is in 2021. As of the class of 2015, there are sixty-one athletes, six coaches, fourteen alumni, fifteen volunteers, and six principals (inducted into the Blue Division) that comprise the Hall of Fame.

The following is a list of new inductees for the Hall of Fame. For Red Division athletes: Willian Lucci, Theoharris Lazos, Scott Thompson, Crystal Gaff, Paul Jones, Peter Favreau, Michael Astarita, Richard Caplette, Mark McMahon, Molly Guilfoyle, Kelly Olsen, Adam Lawrence, Christopher Lambert, Kindyll Dorsey, David Irving, Christopher Lemieux, and Kaleigh Roberge. For Red Division Coaches: Diane Dryer, Peter Perich, and Richard “Nip” Provencher. For White Division: Bradford Smith, Peter Perich, Paul Houghton Jr., Nicholas Lazos, Stergios Lazos, Jennifer Simard, Moira Davenport, and Michelle Tolson. For Blue Division: Betsy Coll, William Houghton, Peter Perich, Bruce Perreault, and Principals Bronstein, Foley, Krauzer, Downton, Hammond, and Adamakos.

Ted Menswar was a huge part of the Hall of Fame and was actually the one who founded it. One of his first missions as Advisor was to make the Senior year for students an unforgettable one, which he did with many events like a senior lock-in, dinner cruise, and a time capsule that seniors would open on their 20th class reunion. After these achievements, he found what our school was missing: a Hall of Fame.  That was the beginning of the MMHS Hall of Fame.  Mr. Menswar was a teacher who wanted to get the most of his students; he believed in class discussions and loved to see the student side of things as he explained “They will make you think [the students] far beyond what you think is the natural thought process”.  

The Hall of Fame was made to honor those who excelled in high school and outside of school. They truly released their true potential through hard work which is now proven and shown on a plaque on displayed forever at Manchester Memorial High School. They inspire those students, teachers, and coaches at Memorial to perform their best. The Memorial Hall of Famers are a representation of how hard work and passion can lead to achievement while still being from Memorial High school. As said many times before “Once a Crusader, Always a Crusader”.

Pictured below: a group shot of all the new inductees, the three inductees in the “Coaches” category – left to right: Richard “Nip” Provencher (Boys Track), Diane Dryer (Cheerleading), and of course, Mr. Perich (Soccer), and the MMHS cheerleaders, who performed at the ceremony.



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