Legends – by Muzzy Iqbal

Quyen art thing

Illustration by Quyen Than

Legend tells us the origins of the ever so famous Sinter family. Spanning back nearly eight hundred years, we are told of taboo among the gods: the mating between the immortal and mortal being. Phoebus Apollo, master of the arts, was known to take part in such activities and was eventually in happenstance seduced by a mortal woman by the name of Victoria. She was the daughter of a farmer who loved music more than anything and had taught his daughter the violin from a young age.

One night, when she was a young woman, just barely of age to marry, she took out her instrument and played a lullaby to herself. The tune was so beautiful that the sound traveled to Mount Olympus and rang in the ears of Apollo. He turned his head in the direction from which the melody had come and followed. As he was leaving the home of the gods he noticed that the song had lulled everyone to sleep. He felt threatened. Only his music was to sooth the other gods so easily. He kept on following the tune and came upon Victoria as she finished. He instantly noticed her beauty, but was still angered by her talent. He wasted no time to confront her, no thoughts, no disguise, no rest. He blocked her way back into her home, his very appearance told no lie, this man was a god.

“Excuse me, young lady. Was it you who played such a wondrous sound just a moment ago?” he asked her. She blushed at the compliment and was even more red knowing that she was in the presence of an Olympian.

“Yes, Lord Apollo. My name is Victoria and it was I playing my violin.” she replied. He took note of her eyes, those big blue eyes that shined so bright it was breathtaking. But, she still played with an ability comparable to his kind.

“Do you enjoy making music, Victoria? Do you take pride?” he questioned.

“Of course I do, sir. I’ve been playing since I could first walk. I’ve always wanted to play with such skill that you would notice me, Lord Apollo.” she told him.

“Is that so?” he wanted to make sure. She nodded to him in approval. Apollo then realised that this young woman did not possess hubris, that she had no intention of ridiculing him. That night he took Victoria’s hand and many a years later she bore a child, the mortal master of music, Orpheus. This was the true origin of the inspiration of our kingdom. No, he was never the child of Apollo and the muse. He was the product of the most musical couple in all the world. He was destined to be the beginning of what might be our end.

Orpheus himself went on to accompany the Argonauts and went on an unsuccessful venture to retrieve his wife Eurydice from Hades after she died. It seemed that after the loss of Eurydice, Orpheus came back to the mortal world empty handed. However, he came back with a power—a strange, secret power that he passed on to even darker kept secret, his son, Nicholo. When Orpheus died, Nicholo then adopted the last name of a famous local trumpeter and childhood friend of Orpheus by the name of Sinter and took to raising his own family and leading his own village. This village, he appropriately named Orphea after his father. The secret power that Nicholo inherited was never known to anyone outside the family for generations.

Now, ten generations, six hundred years later, the village had grown immensely. It was still in the developing years of being a fully functioning kingdom. This is where we depart for the moment.. Farewell, until next time when we explore the lives of Benjamin and Emilia Sinter.

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