Keep Dreaming, Lover Boy – by Olivia Drake

Mark stopped outside of the chorus room to stare at the beautiful girl inside. He gaped at the aesthetic of the room, how the spotlight reflected so perfectly over her smooth face. He couldn’t help but stand in the doorframe and watch.

She slid onto the piano bench, her delicate fingers brushing the keys before selecting a single note. She tapped the note a few times before beginning to play a simple yet intricate melody. Her fingers flew across the keys, rocking back and forth with each note of passion. Her voice caught up with the music as she sang a beautiful countermelody to her endlessly moving hands.

When she finished, she sighed softly and rested her worn fingers in her lap. Her fingers ran through her hair slowly, the opposite of what had just occurred. A small smile decorated her features as she gazed at her beautiful piano.

“That… that was beautiful,” Mark admitted. He blushed, embarrassed that his voice had broken the peaceful silence.

The girl turned around quickly, cheeks bright red as her lips parted slightly. “O-oh! I didn’t see you there…”

Mark shook his head quickly. “No, I interrupted. I apologize.” He smiled at her quickly. “It’s Sara, right?”

Sara nodded, biting her lip. “You’re in my English class, and you’re Mark, yeah?”

“Yeah,” he replied. “You play a lot?”

She chuckled, a smile forming. “I play every day so that maybe I could impress someone with my skills.”

“Well you sure impressed me, beautiful.” He bit his lip, confidence returning as he approached and leaned against the piano. “Maybe you could do it again sometime… over coffee sound good?”

Sara blushed. “W-well thanks,” Her smile widened for a second before she checked the time. “Crap, I’m sorry. My girlfriend’s probably waiting for me out there.” She gathered her things quickly, almost at the door before another girl appeared in the doorway with a smile.

“Hey, baby.” She grinned, hugging Sara and giving her a quick kiss on the cheek.

Sara turned to Mark, the other girl’s arm around her waist. “Sorry. I’m taken. Later, Mark!” She called as she was swept away with a soft giggle.

Mark stood there, dumbfounded, before moving to sit on the bench. “Dang,” he murmured. “Another lesbian.”

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