An Interview with Kayla Pinard – by Kim Kien

FullSizeRender (7)

Every student in our school has the ability to achieve their goals. Although, there can be minor setbacks that can occur we get older. It’s normal to have minor setbacks and problems that can get in the way. Some people may even have obstacles that may even last forever, and that isn’t a problem for Kayla Pinard. Kayla Pinard is one of our school’s hard working and ambitious students. Her dream goal is to become a makeup artist on plays or on movie sets, and she hopes to achieve her dream job when she graduates high school. What inspired her to want to become a makeup artist was when she watched beauty videos on Youtube. Kayla was born with Arthrogryposis, a disability that affects the joints and muscles.This makes it a little harder for Kayla to bend her arms. Kayla doesn’t think of it as a disability, she said, “that it’s not really a disability but it’s only a limitation if you make it one.” With a ton of support from her friends and family, it helps her move towards her dream job. “With every dream job, there’s some motivation behind it,” and that motivation was Kayla’s friend, Shelly. With the help of Shelly, Kayla works at Shelly’s salon and works there as an intern, where she helps Shelly by cleaning up the salon and helping the customers.  

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