Mr. Peter Perich: NH Assistant Principal Role Model of the Year – by Patrick Deary & Ronan Moquin

FB_IMG_1453296742183 (1)Our very own Mr. Peter Perich – an administrator here at Manchester Memorial High School who everyone knows and loves. It comes as no surprise that he was one of the NH Assistant Principal of the Year finalists this year and winner of the Assistant Principal Role Model of the Year award! He’s very deserving of this award due to the fact that he always puts the students first and loves his job here at Memorial. Mr. Perich attended school here at Memorial and has loved our school ever since. We asked Mr. Perich for his thoughts on being awarded the Assistant Principal Role Model of the Year by the New Hampshire Association of School Principals.

Ever since being enrolled as a student here at Memorial High School, Mr. Peter Perich has loved every bit of our school. One of his biggest reasons for this is he enjoys watching students grow as people and loves the way each class seems to become a family after their four years at Memorial. He also enjoys the diversity our school seems to attract. Aside from these, another huge reason he loves MMHS is because this school is home to some of his favorite memories, such as those from Memorial’s Class Day assemblies.

Mr. Perich’s main goal as an administrator is to make a difference in the lives of the students. When asked about what it takes to be a good administrator in his mind, he answered saying “You have to be fair, and be personal”. This only reiterated his goal of making a difference in students lives. His favorite part about winning NH Assistant Principal Role Model of the Year was not the fact that he was being recognized for this, but the many comments he received about the lives he had touched throughout his years of administration here at MMHS. To him, that was the real award.

If you asked anybody about Mr.Perich they are most likely going to smile and have some story about how he impacted their life. He is very involved in the school and even has a plaque to show for it in the Memorial High School Hall of Fame. He is known around the school for being fair to students and hearing both sides of the story before making any conclusions. He is also known for his involvement in school pep rallies each year. Mr. Perich truly earned this award as he is our assistant principal that we all know and love and will never forget.

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