Why Should You Take Running Start Courses? – by Antony Rossi


rsThe Manchester Community College Running Start program allows students in certain classes at Memorial to earn college credits while still in high school. The small enrollment fee charged by MCC can go a long way towards reducing the cost of attending college after graduation.

The reason I stress price is because college is incredibly expensive! In 2014, 76% of Granite-Staters graduated with student loan debt, which on average is $33,410.00 per student. New Hampshire has the second highest student loan debt in the nation which is why expenses need to be stressed when you’re choosing the college of your choice. The average college course can cost upwards of $900.00, and that doesn’t include the book which must be self-supplied. The Running Start courses offered include the exact same content as the actual course you would take at the college, which is why I stress the cost once again. Depending on how many Running Start courses you take, you could save yourself thousands by the end of your college career.

As previously stated, only certain courses are offered for the Running Start program. For a class to be considered for the program, it must be taught by teacher who has the same credentials – such as holding a Master’s degree – required of teachers at MCC. The table below displays the courses that are offered in Manchester Memorial High School’s Running Start Program.


MCC American Government A, D POL 110M 3 Yearlong D. Gocklin
MCC Anatomy & Physiology I A, C BIOL 110M 4 Yearlong M. Couture
MCC Calculus I (AP) C MATH 204M 4 Yearlong I. Martin
MCC College Composition I A ENGL 110M 4 Fall B. Dooly
MCC Digital Imaging D, E GDES 115M 3 Fall R. Budway
MCC General Chemistry I (AP) EF CHEM 115M 4 Fall P. Thibeault
MCC Management C BUS 114M 3 Yearlong J. Colby
MCC Microsoft Computer Apps – NEW D, G CIS 110M 3 Fall J. Colby
MCC Principles of Marketing F MKTG 125M 3 Yearlong J. Colby
MCC Principles of Marketing E, G MKTG 125M 3 Yearlong K. Travers
MCC Page Layout & Design A, B GDES 110M 3 Yearlong R. Budway
MCC Probability & Statistics A MATH 202M 4 Yearlong M. Lincoln
MCC U.S. History to 1870 F, G HIST 202M 3 Fall D. Gocklin


To earn the college credits for any of the courses listed above, you need to complete the registration form by Friday, October 14, 2016 (no later or else you will be ineligible for the credits) and include a check for $150.00 made out to the sponsoring community college, in our case here at Manchester Memorial High School, it would be made out to Manchester Community College. For each Running Start course you take, you must pay the listed price and fill out a separate registration form for each one you intend on taking.

With that said, you do not need to continue your education at Manchester Community College. You may continue at MCC if you so choose, but you could also attend any of the seven New Hampshire Community Colleges including River Valley Community College, White Mountains Community College, Nashua Community College, Manchester Community College as previously stated, NHTI, Lakes Region Community College, and Great Bay Community College.

One option the NH Community Colleges offer students is something called the New Hampshire Dual Admission Program. This option makes college even more affordable as you would attend a New Hampshire community college of your choice (all of which accept Running Start credits of course) for the first two years of your college career, then you would attend to a New Hampshire university for the last two years of college. Personally, this option has been circling my mind for a little while now and it really makes college much more affordable since you wouldn’t be paying the university’s sticker price for the full four years of your college career. Instead, you would be paying the community college’s less expensive price for the first two years, which saves thousands in the long run, and you could save even more if you take the Running Start courses during your time here at MMHS.

Of course you have the option of going straight to a university of your choice, but not every university accepts Running Start credits from Manchester Community College. Below is a list of the universities that have been known to accept Running Start courses in the past.


This option allows students to get a full, four year education from the university of their choice, though it would be one of the more expensive options students would be faced with as far as education after high school goes.

All in all, there are definitely plenty of options and ways to save money on college for Memorial’s Senior Class, especially since student debt is such a huge problem nowadays. Running Start is one option no student should ever pass up since it allows students to take college courses in high school while saving hundreds or even thousands. Dual Admission is also an incredible program but that might depend more on what you want to do in college and for a career. With both, Running Start and Dual Admission, a student could save tens of thousands when on college, which is an immense price cut from most universities’ regular sticker price per year. Definitely register for Running Start and get those forms and payments into your Running Start course teacher by October 14, 2016 and NO LATER!

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