Reactions to Donald Trump’s Presidency — Interviewed by Olivia Fink & Antony Rossi

With just a week gone since the presidential election, the results are still fresh in every person’s mind. There is an apparent divide between the American people— those who voted for Hillary, and those who voted for Trump. The students of Memorial High School, filled with the next generations of millennials, have reactions spread across the table regarding Donald Trump’s future presidency. Here is what they have to say.

Nick Leonarczyck: “I feel great about Donald Trump being elected president. I think he’s going to make America great again!”

Cat Sinotte: “Well, I woke up to a text from my girlfriend saying: ‘Your parents are going to be pleased with the results’, and then I cried. I sat and cried for about an hour. But, after crying for five more minutes, I went and talked to my mom… cried a little bit more… and I was a bit bummed all day. Eventually I realized that he may be a good president. I’m going to just accept what happened. He won; people wanted him to win. And, as upset as I was—as disappointed as I was— I’ve just got to accept it and continue living my life.”

Celine Boucher: “I was happy. Excited.”

Luke Lyford: “To be completely honest, it’s a little ridiculous that we even have the electoral college and both the candidates, even for someone such as myself who  knows pretty much nothing about politics, is angered by both of them. That’s how I feel.”

Scott Geilen: “I didn’t really have an opinion before the election, but now since he’s president, I think he’ll do a great job… because he has to.”

Collin Tessier: “I was surprised. I didn’t think he would win;  I went on Twitter and I was expecting things to say like ‘Hillary won!’ and ‘She came back!’ but I just saw what happened and thought: Oh, wow. I wasn’t really into it, but I was aware of what was happening. I was okay with either one, but more okay with Trump.”

Anonymous: “I don’t care. I don’t like politics.”

John Marotte:  “I was disgusted, ashamed, and horrified. I was in utter disbelief. This election taught me that we need love now more than ever. Do not let our love shake by the hate that Trump preaches.”

Jenna Wagner: “Inherent sobbing. And crying.”

Ronelle Tshiela: “I’ve spent hours crying about this but at some point I realized that as a young African American woman it’s time for me to do as others before me have done and stand up. I am angry, I’m sad, I’m disappointed, but I am not surprised. White supremacy is deeply rooted in this land. No matter how hard we try to suppress it, it always seems to rise again.”

Charolette Caron: “I denied it actually happened.”

Anonymous: “As someone who avidly believes in progression and the civil success of not just America, but any country— it is truly terrifying to have a man who acts more like a mascot than a leader. In a position of such power, he horrifyingly advocates for everything the American people have fought so hard against. I do not want to revert history. I do not want one man to rewind the clock and have our progress as a country destroyed. I truly feel this will be the test for all of us— how we will stand against the next four years. It will be the ultimate challenge, and it is one I am willing to take. I know what is right, and it is not Trump.”

Jacob Winn: “I just hope he doesn’t destroy Barack Obama’s eight-year legacy.”

Isabelle Luksza: “November 9th, 2016 will be a date I remember for the rest of my life. I had fallen asleep around 11:45 p.m., and the presidential race was not looking too good for democrats. I fell asleep hoping and praying that Americans had done the right thing. I tossed and turned all night and I remember waking up at exactly 3:23 a.m. Donald Trump had won, and I was devastated. My first reaction was to cry in disbelief. I was not crying because Hillary Clinton had lost. I was crying because I did not trust this man to be the President of my country. How could the most qualified woman in the world lose to a man who has never worked in politics a day in his life? I could not believe and I did not want to believe that such a thing could happen. I was angry because my fellow Americans had elected a man who was endorsed by the KKK, who constantly disrespects  women, who proposed banning an entire religion from entering the U.S., who said women should be punished for having abortions, who incited violence on countless occasions, and who had called all Mexicans rapists. I was angry because I had fallen asleep in 2016 and woke up in the 1950’s. But I did not want my emotions to just turn into complaints, I wanted to take action. I will still continue to have faith in the checks and balances placed in our government. I know that we, as Americans, are stronger together. I will continue to fight for what I believe in and I hope you will too. Although our country is divided, we must stand united and keep our voices loud and proud. In the long run, love will always trump hate.”

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