Canned Food Drive and Thanksgiving Assembly — by Kimberly Kien

The Canned Food Drive has begun this month. Students can donate cans to their favorite classrooms for a chance to win a pizza party! For every classroom, there are point values for each type of cans and other items. Point values vary depending on the types of cans students bring in and other kinds of other items. Types of cans that you could bring in are regular cans, large cans, and small cans. Other items besides cans are toothbrushes, boxed goods like mac n’ cheese, small-sized cases of water, cereal, toiletries, and more! Students can check the list for even more items to bring in by asking their teacher.

Although students could bring a lot of items for the Canned Food Drive, there are specific items that they cannot bring at all. The student council will not accept ramen noodles, baked goods, anything that requires egg, items that are perishable, junk food like candy and chips, and cans that are expired, damaged or dented.

The Canned Food Drive at Memorial officially ends on November 22nd, which is the same day as the Thanksgiving Assembly. Student council will still collect cans during period A, but no more after that. Once the assembly starts, students can feel free to bring any cans there instead, where student council will gladly them. If there are enough cans during the assembly, there might be a chance where they  will be stacked into a pyramid!

A sub-event that will also be happening occurs before the Thanksgiving assembly – which is the chance to be in the “Murder Mystery Dinner”! This event is separate from the Canned Food Drive. If you donate cans to your classroom, this will not be counted into the Murder Mystery Dinner event. In order to be eligible for the Murder Mystery Dinner, students would need to bring in thirty points worth of cans and donate them to the student council in the caf.

The overall purpose for these events is to donate a lot of cans to New Hampshire’s New Horizons, which acts as an adult homeless shelter, a soup kitchen, and a food pantry, and a shelter for women. The donation of these items will help New Horizons help others during this giving season, so bring in those cans, Memorial!

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