Homecoming Week and Game in Review – by Kimberly Kien

October 2nd was the start of Memorial Homecoming Week which are days where students dress up according to different themes! On Monday, October 2nd, the theme was Memorial Day, where students were able to wear the colors; red, white and blue. Students wore mostly red and many took the opportunity to represent the sports teams they play on.  Tuesday, October 3rd was Tie-Dye Day— there was a variety of tie-dye as some students made their shirts the night before. Wednesday, October 4th was Twin Day and Thursday, October 5th was Traveler Day, where anyone can dress up as a tourist from an exotic place. On Thursday after school students had the chance to decorate their class hallways all in pink to also raise awareness of breast cancer. The Junior hallway (600 wing) had a few decorations but the highlight of the hallways was definitely the Senior hallway (800 wing) which used pink sheets to cover the lights and give the hallway a different feel. October 6th, was Pink Out Day— where we all wore pink to support research in the fight against breast cancer. Along with the theme, “Pink Day,” Memorial’s fall athletic teams were celebrated in the assembly.

After School on Friday was the homecoming game, where our football team sadly continued the tradition of losing by surrendering the game 8-68. Although, fans didn’t seem to care about the losing game. The crowd did the memorial chant multiple times and Student Council President Razvan Ionescu brought over confetti cannons to help elevate the mood. Although we lost the game, the crusader spirit definitely won the night.

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