A Self Love Course to Help High School Students Overcome Their Life Struggles– Kayla Pinard

Low self esteem can make many high school students more susceptible to unhealthy relationships, depression, and not accepting themselves as they are. For a student like myself, it was a heavy weight for me to carry day to day. It made it harder to focus on my school work or even want to get good grades. Low self esteem issues can make guys and girls change themselves into someone they are not to impress their peers and “fit in.” It’s up to the school boards to help make a difference. That’s why I’m introducing the idea of a self love course for students to take to help them take on their life struggles.

    Everyone has their own unique backgrounds of religion, culture, and what environment they grow up in which determines how they deal with their problems and mistakes. Being a teenager could be the most difficult time in someone’s life. It’s a time of growing and changing. Growing is sometimes painful, breaking comfort zones and experimenting with rebellious activity. It will lead them to certain consequences that will shape and form them into their adulthood. Although it’s a part of growing up, these 14-18 year olds could be suffering from low self esteem, anxiety, depression, and the everyday stresses that life brings along.

           Self love is journey. It’s not easy because mostly everybody has insecurities that they would like to change about themselves. Students need a place in their schedule to relax and have support if they can’t get it at home. Self love is like white blood cells rushing to a fresh open wound, but only emotionally and spiritually. If this class was taught, students could learn self reliance and to make themselves happy without feeling the need of others to do it for them. It will build their confidence and teach them to stand up for themselves.

     During this last year of practicing loving myself it has changed my life. It made me think positive in negative situations. I still suffer from anxiety; it’s not something that just goes away. It will hit me when I’m in my room, in the car, or just about anywhere I go. Practicing self love doesn’t make life a ray of sunshine all the time and make problems disappear, but it’s about accepting that life isn’t fair, letting go of hate, having a positive outlook and an open mind. Although self love isn’t a religion, it’s an important concept in some religions. Self love should be taught from when babies say their first word and something people should manifest day to day throughout adulthood.

    For some reason humans will unconditionally love their friend, but why can’t they love themselves like that? It’s a habit for a lot of student’s minds to talk down on themselves and not letting the real them show through. Their personalities will be filtered to the point of where they won’t even be themselves and forget who they are. Self acceptance for who they are is one step closer to feeling satisfied in life even though students aren’t near their goal. When a student feels accepted by the person that’s always there, also known as themselves, they will start to feel self compassion. Self compassion will have them want to do what is best for them and having motivation to get those higher grades in school. Health Psychology published an article stating that having self compassion will lead people into making all around healthier choices.

    Self compassion will push students to stop procrastinating all of their school work; it will have students put down that Netflix and be productive.

    According to the journal Psychological Science, a study showed that people who talk positive, uplifting words to themselves will help them bounce back a lot faster than someone who talks badly about themselves. So, to those students who lost a friend to petty high school drama or to those who are failing a class— self love teaches you to accept yourself and move forward.






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