News – Eve Brown-Ryder – High School: A Whole New Jungle

“High school is like going into a gas station bathroom, you don’t know what you’ll find,” said Rebecca, a freshman here at Memorial. But what do other freshmen here have to say about coming to this new environment?

Students were asked what their favorite part of high school is so far. Kayla said, “My favorite part about high school is getting to see my friends. I wouldn’t get to see most of them outside of school, this gives me an opportunity to talk to them.” Another student responded by saying, “My favorite part about high school is having more freedom. I feel like in middle school it was more ordered and most of your classes were right next to each other, but now your classes could be on the other side of the building. Also, I like how we get to choose our classes.”

Although many freshmen are excited to jump into a new school, many have found the switch difficult, as freshman Justin commentates, “My hardest adjustment was [with] my work ethic. I felt that in middle school things could fly by like it was nothing and I didn’t have to study or anything. [Now though,] I’m either having a test or quiz just about every day or week. I would definitely say [that] my focus and what I’m doing my freshman year will affect my senior year when I go to college.”

Another student commented that high school is more tiring because the bell schedule is more than 30 minutes longer than middle school.

And since everyone knows that middle school and high school are so different that they might as well be on different planets, students were asked which they liked better. “Middle school, because people were a lot more accepting,” said Sarah. In contrast another student wrote, “High school, because middle school was sort of an embarrassing growing period with a lot of weird phases. (Ex. The infamous 7th grade emo phase.)”

Another student’s answer in particular really stood out. “My high school experience has been nothing short of excruciating. my slight case of insomnia mixed with the stress of my classes is a terrible combination. I didn’t know that it would be so difficult and boring. Although, high school students leave me alone, which is nice. I’m as introverted as an introvert could be, so the atmosphere helps a lot.”

Although some students found solace in the simpler things, such as the freshman, Jesus, who remarked, “The library here is better than the one in [middle school].”


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