Project Eddie – by Sally Truong

On Saturday, October 14th, three students planned and hosted a 3k run for Suicide Awareness. Jack Sharpe, Evan Young, and Taylor Fournier teamed up with Change Direction, an organization created to change the culture in America about mental health, to achieve their goal of raising $1,000. That day, not only had they surpassed their goal of $1,000, they were able to network at the event and gain new supporters. A representative from the  Boy’s & Girl’s club in Nashua attended the event and was so impressed with them that he offered them the opportunity to speak to his Boy’s & Girl’s club about suicide awareness.

Eddie Chambers was the inspiration behind the project. He was a teenage boy that went to West High School. On October 18th, 2016, Eddie ended his life. Not only were his friends and family devastated, but people who did not know him at all were also saddened by the news. People close to him came up with Eddie Day, a day in which they convinced the student body to wear the colors purple and blue in order to honor him. Not only are the colors the official color of suicide awareness, purple and blue were also Eddie’s favorite colors.

The three students are associated with the MMHS DECA. For their community service project, they wanted to do something that had impacted their lives tremendously. Jack Sharpe, the frontman of the project, came up with the idea of #ProjectEddie. He and Eddie Chambers were close friends throughout their shared middle school McLaughlin. Although he and Eddie then proceeded on to different high schools, they remained close. Jack was devastated to find out about Eddie’s situation on that fateful Tuesday.

The founders of the project were all affected by Eddie’s death. They did not want anyone else to experience someone close to them take their lives. Thus, #ProjectEddie was created to raise awareness about mental health and suicide.

Last Tuesday, the three had the opportunity to talk to kids about suicide awareness. This was done at the Boys & Girls Club in Nashua. Not only did they successfully talk about their cause, they were able to sell the last of their #ProjectEddie bracelets, raising over $100. They plan to further their teamwork with the Boys & Girls Club in the future, with already an abundance of fundraising projects on the way.

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