Junior Class Officer Elections: by Eve Brown-Ryder


The results are in.

We have recently had elections for the junior class officers. It has been a long road, but who came out on top?

In a tough six-person campaign, Thomas Gerton was elected president, with the runner-up, Evan Young, taking vice president. Tyler Merrill won the election for treasurer, and Lucas Hurley came out on top as the secretary.

There were four possible ways that the students could run, president (with the runner-up as vice president,) treasurer, secretary, and undecided.

The full list of candidates for president were Adam Anderson, Jazmin Dias Barrientos, Quyen Bui, Thomas Gerton, Elise Pinsonneault and Evan Young.

The candidates for treasurer were Morgan Blais, Madeleine LaPierre, Christine Le, Morgan Leonard, Tyler Merrill, and Patrick Rivard.

The candidates for secretary were Illana Diaz, Lucas Hurley, Olivia McNelly and Ashleigh Woods.

The people who ran undecided were Emily Britton, Caroline Camozzini, Aryan Shrestha, and Emma Sullivan.

All of the candidates worked very hard. For weeks their posters were hung in the hallways. We saw their slogans, their craftsmanship, and sometimes even their dogs and cars.

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