It’s Time to Make a Change: by Kimberly Kien



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What is one of the most useful technologies that may come to mind? To name a few, technologies that can be used often are TVs, smartphones and even computers. Though, these can only be useful to us if used correctly, right? In any case, if you’ve eaten in the cafeteria, you have probably noticed that there are two TVs. One TV is above and next to the school store, and the other is above and in between the two vending machines that are near the end of the cafe.These TVs display the basic rules and common guidelines that a Memorial High School student should know. The TVs also show the weather, the date and even some of the pictures of the Junior Class officers.

In my opinion, the TVs in the cafeteria are useless. Why, you might ask? First of all, the weather that is shown on the TV is very small. A person who sits at a table that is closest to it might have to try to walk up to the TV to get a closer look at the weather forecast, since the font sizes that display the weather are all the way up at the top of the TV.


Secondly, it’s pointless to put the rules of the school or the basic guidelines for a student, on the TV. Let’s face it, almost no one would look at the TV for remembering “rules.” I’m sure that Memorial students aware of the fact that they must behave and just have common sense. If students want to be more aware of the rules, they can just go to the Manchester Memorial High School website and look on the left hand side of the screen. There is  a link there that says,”Student Code of Conduct.” They could just click on the link, and then they could just read it on their own time if they wanted to.


Another thing to point out is the fact that TVs are used for entertainment. You don’t just sit and watch TVs to look at a bunch of words and memorize them. Almost any person who walks past the cafeteria is likely to see that most of the Memorial Students are not looking at the TVs at all. They are either using their phones, talking to their friends, eating, and doing other things.

Furthermore, there are barely any big any colorful pictures that grab the attention of the students. Usually when you watch TV you are at least seeing some pictures. People watch TVs to catch up on news, watch shows, and more. There are barely any updates on the TVs or actual news that the school community should be notified of. Why not put new announcements on those TVs? I often hear my classmates say that they can barely hear the announcements on the intercom because of the fact that there are people who talk too loud in class.

The next problem about these TVs is the fact that they show pictures of the Junior Class officers. I’m sure that at least most of the Juniors in the school are already aware of who won the Junior class elections. This news was announced on the intercom a while back. If a Junior doesn’t know who won they can just ask any teacher in Memorial. This applies to the date on the TVs as well. The TVs don’t have to display the date, almost everyone in the school has a phone. Students can simply ask their teachers for the date. Also, there is no need to display the “Day 1” or the “Day 2” on the TVs. There’s no need of counting the number of days of school already, when you could just keep a calendar at home to know the date.

All of these things that the TVs display are pointless if they don’t grab the attention of students or inform the students. Wouldn’t looking at these TVs be a waste of electricity as well? If most students in the cafeteria don’t even look up at the TVs, then they’re not using the TVs at all. It’s time that our school makes a change in the way we show news in the cafeteria. If the TVs are going to be put on the walls of the cafe, they might as well be useful to students.

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