The Magic of Self Love: by Kayla Pinard

 As a society, it has become normal to talk down to ourselves. A person can look in the mirror and point out all of their flaws and imperfections. But, with the power of self love, my life flipped around for the positive. A self love course can benefit students with these effects of self love.

 So, what are the effects of self love? An overview of the effects of self love isn’t about being overly confident or narcissistic. It gives a person a great amount of confidence to feel secure and proud about what they are doing. When a person loves themselves unconditionally, it can be seen and felt by others around them. How can we know if a person loves themselves? Humans are sensitive to the feelings of others. Just like how a person can show signs of sadness, a person can show signs of self love. Studies have proven self lovers will have people gravitate towards them because they feel a sense of positive leadership and social power with them. If a person loves their self they will be the source of their happiness and let go of negative feelings and grudges.

Self lovers will let go of shame, guilt, grudges, hurt feelings people made them feel, and anger because they don’t hold onto negative emotions since it no longer serves them. We relate people to feelings. If a person remembers another person that hurt them, they tend to feel a little upset inside. But, with self love, that feeling of hurt goes away. Self lovers will also own whatever mistakes they made, but they won’t let their mistakes control their lives. They have the understanding that mistakes teach life lessons and that is vital to living a fulfilled life. Self lovers will not judge others and will not let the opinions of someone else change themselves or what they are doing.

Self love is judgment-free as long as there is no harm or pain in what the person is doing. A big part of self love is to be thyself unapologetically. When someone is traveling their self love journey, they stop catering to other people’s needs. It is not being selfish. It is about respecting their own feelings and knowing how a person feels about their life is their own problem.  Self lovers have inner peace with life and themselves.

Self love offers acceptance, and with acceptance comes being zen. In Buddhism zen means being at peace and a Japanese sect of Mahayana Buddhism that aims at enlightenment by direct intuition through meditation. When I think of Heaven, peace, and acceptance come up in my mind. This effect of self love is like Heaven on Earth to me. Self lovers accept their strengths and weaknesses and love them unconditionally. They appreciate their weaknesses for keeping them humble. When humans accept their strengths and weaknesses they become responsible for their source of happiness.

A school in West Baltimore switched out detention for meditation. So, if a kid acted up in class they would go to a meditation room. Teachers reported better behavior and fewer officer referrals.

Humans have a tendency to rely on other things or people to give them all of their happiness. With self love, a person is their own happiness because they feel enough. In other words, they are their own best friend. This makes the person emotionally independent. When a person falls in love with their self, they are floating on a cloud of happiness. They still experience sad emotions, but they don’t let those sad feelings affect them as much as someone who has a lower self esteem. When self lovers are happy with themselves they live out their purpose or path in life.

Humans all have their own careers or different lifestyles. If someone has a lower self esteem and doesn’t live out their lives, it makes it harder to have a fulfilled life. Having self love will also have a person to get up and go live out their dreams. Their motivation will sky rocket to get that job or go to college. Even if they cannot get it, they will keep trying or go to plan B. When humans live out their dreams they love themselves. They don’t blame or fight with reality. When someone opens up to self love, they open themselves up to the truth. They live in the moment. Humans that are traveling the path of self love and life even more, which gives them a more positive attitude towards other people.

Self lovers love other people and accept them for who they are. Self lovers love what is, not what could be. They are in touch with reality and believe what is meant to be will be. A person who loves their self accepts mistakes they make.

Humans are humans. Everyone makes mistakes or bad decisions. It’s a part of life. Self lovers make themselves vulnerable to open up and let those bad decisions to make themselves tougher and wiser.

“We are no longer ruled by fear because we know that love is the strongest power of all. When we choose love over fear, we become stress-free beings. When we love ourselves, we give birth to creativity, inspiration and openness.”-Belmer

When a person loves their self they are open, honest, spread love and so much more.       



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