The Memorial High School Faculty Play: by Kimberly Kien

Memorial High School will hold their annual faculty play on Thursday, December
14th starting at 6:30pm and on Friday, December 15th at 6:30pm. The doors will open at
6:00pm. To get tickets, students would pay $3, and adults would pay $5 when they walk
through the doors. There will be concession stands and raffles outside of the auditorium. All of the money raised from this play goes towards the Helping Hearts Foundation. This year’s faculty play, as always, will feature many Memorial teachers and staff.IMG_2417
Synopsis of this year’s faculty play;
In the first act of the play, Mr. Adamakos has a microphone in his hands and explains
how many years have passed, and that Memorial High School has now become completely different than it was before. He explains how people in Memorial have retired and he lists the possible reasons why the former Memorial staff have left Memorial. To him, it felt as if there’s something missing from Memorial High School, though that didn’t mean that new Memorial staff members “don’t bring their own pieces of identity,” though something (about the school), is still different. Mr. Adamakos indirectly mentions one of the Memorial staff members who believed that the people who had to retire from Memorial, they may be “gone for good.” The principal is concerned that this faculty member’s thinking, may have a negative effect on the school itself.IMG_2462
A few moments after Mr. Adamakos’ speech to the audience, some of the faculty
members discuss the fact that Mr. Dick used to do the unthinkable events in the school, (these events were in reference to the previous plays in past years). Mr. Dick responds that the reason he did those events was to make (the school) more confident, or to even bring the staff members together. Later, it is revealed that Mr. Dick was the one who believed that the people who had to retire from Memorial, they may be “gone for good.” The other faculty members believed that he was feeling miserable because of the fact that some staff members have left Memorial (meaning that they may have passed away).
With some teachers who will be leaving Memorial High School (in the play), how
will he deal with this dilemma? Find out on Thursday, December 14th or on Friday,
December 15th!IMG_2466

The following shows Question and Answer Response from Mr. Dick:

What are your thoughts on this year’s faculty movie?
I suppose I should say, first, we are back on the stage this year and I think that brings with it a
lot of anticipation and a lot of stress, but good stress. After two years of doing mostly
movies, this is a fitting way to put on the last show. It’s also nice to be doing it before the
holidays again. Though the show isn’t holiday themed, as it has been in the past, it still seems to fit in with this time of year.

What is it like to work with teachers and Memorial staff when you made these faculty movies and plays?
The best part about doing the shows, and I think I speak for everyone, is spending time with the other faculty and staff members especially in this unorthodox way. Don’t get me wrong, we do it to help out the students at Memorial through the Helping Hearts Foundation, but beyond that, we have a blast hanging out together. And what’s more, plenty of people have said they wouldn’t have met, or at least wouldn’t really know, some members of the faculty if not for these plays.

Is this the last faculty movie that is specifically tied to last year’s faculty movie?
There are always references to past works, but there is no direct connection. I suppose you could say that the theme is similar but other than one sequel a few years ago, and a remake last year, they’re all stand-alone pieces.

Will this be your last faculty movie, or do you plan on making more faculty plays or
As of now, this is my last play/movie. This is the 13th separate production I’ve written,
directed, and acted in. Though I haven’t done a ton of directing this year, it’s still been a lot of work and I just can’t fit it into the schedule with all of the other things happening in my life and my kids’ lives. Having said that, I have such an affinity for the Helping Hearts Foundation that I imagine I’ll try to find a way to do something to help raise money next year. This year we introduced shirts featuring a picture from last year’s movie as a way to raise money. Next year it will probably be another shirt and maybe a small event. Much smaller than a full play anyway.

On a final note:

I would like to say that I have sincerely loved doing the shows. Without the support of Mr. Adamakos and the administration, they wouldn’t be possible. In fact, we’ve had every administrator in the building participate and a total of over 100 different staff members. Each year we have added at least one person that has brought another, wonderful, element to the product. I always pick out one moment where I know I’m just going to laugh my butt off and this year is no exception.

I also would be remiss if I didn’t thank all of the people – staff and students – who have
worked so hard to bring these shows together. In addition to the staff I mentioned above,
we’ve had student volunteers do sound, posters, tickets, raffles, etc. And finally, this year, the show would not be possible, I cannot undersell this, the show would not be possible without the hard work of Ms. Dooly, Ms. Armstrong, and Ms. Foley who spent so many hours putting together our dances. Their effort and the effort of the cast are the real reasons this show is happening at all.

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