Junior Class Officers: Their Plans and Goals: by Eve Brown-Ryder

Recently, our school held an election for the junior class officers and the victors were Thomas Gerton for president, Evan Young for vice president, Lucas Hurley for secretary, and Tyler Merrill for treasurer. Now that they are in office though, what do they plan to do?


The four officers were interviewed and their plans for the junior class (and for the school) were generally concurrent. They all agreed that one of their main goals is to provide entertainment for the school, primarily for the junior class. When interviewed, they shared how they were going to do this.


Lucas Hurley, the new class secretary, stated that, “My goal is to operate at least two different fundraisers per month in order to raise a large amount of money for the class which we will largely spend on prom, and put the rest away for high school reunions.”


Evan Young, the new vice president, also layered on this idea and said, “I hope that we can not only involve our class, but the whole community in the best ways possible.”


New president Thomas Gerton agreed and added, “All of the things we do (now) and will eventually do are in hopes of providing entertainment and enjoyment in some capacity to the students of our school and other schools such as Southside, McLaughlin, and Green Acres.”


The officers also hope to create a positive school and community environment for now and the future. That aspiration is well illustrated by Evan Young, who shared that they want to “provide the best environment for our class, and learn as much as we can this year so that we can teach next year’s officers so that they can have a successful two years as well.”


Tyler Merrill, treasurer, concurred with Young when he shared, “We want to make this next year-and-a-half the best we possibly can and give the class of 2019 a high school experience to remember.”


Overall, the officers have big plans for the junior class, the school, the community, and the future. Only time will tell if these young men can put it into action.



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