2018 Scholastic Art Awards of New Hampshire Winners: Kimberly Kien

Madison Elgner5

Madison Elgner

The annual Scholastic Art Awards winners were determined recently, and we are proud to announce that, as usual, numerous Memorial students received awards this year!

Fewer than half of all works submitted receive any recognition from the panels of professional artists, college art professors, and other people employed in the arts who blindly adjudicated (meaning they didn’t know who created the works or where they go to school) the 2600 entries submitted from students from all over the state in 17 categories.

Quang Hoang2

Quang Hoang

Memorial students won over 30 awards, including 13 Silver Keys, and 10 Gold Keys (the top award given). See the full list of winners below.

All works that win a Gold Key are sent to New York City for national adjudication and the chance to win a National Gold Key. Only a tiny percentage of works are awarded National Gold Keys, so wish your classmates luck! National Gold Key winners are invited to a star-studded awards ceremony at Carnegie Hall in June! Memorial students have been invited in each of the last 2 years and got to see speeches by Alec Baldwin, Tim Gunn, Ken Burns, and many others, at the awards ceremony.

Xavier Rios3

Xavier Rios

The New Hampshire Regional Scholastics show is on display now until Dec. 4th at the Stockbridge Theater in Derry. The Regional Awards Ceremony will be held on Dec. 4th at 1:00 pm at the Stockbridge Theater.


Gold Key Winners:

Madison Elgner-Benway | Design | Photography| (3 Gold Keys!)

Quang Hoang | Design | (2 Gold Keys!)

Erika Ventura | Drawing and Illustration |

Stephanie Belz | Photography |

Taylor Mara | Photography |

Xavier Rios | Photography | (2 Gold Keys!)


Silver Key Winners:

Timothy Collins | Design |

Edmund Yi | Design |

Mollie Kirwin | Digital Art |

Nicholas Biron | Photography |

Madison Elgner-Benway | Photography | Portfolio | (4 Silver Keys!)

Gianni Goodchild | Photography |

Nicole Menard | Photography |

Xavier Rios | Photography | (2 Silver Keys!)

Alyssa Soucy | Photography |


Honorable Mentions:

Hunter Deihle | Digital Art |

Mollie Kirwin | Digital Art | ( 2 Honorable Mentions!)

Rachel Miller | Painting |

Lilly Badeau | Photography |

Jordan Bussiere | Photography |

Samuel Contic | Photography |

Madison Elgner-Benway | Photography | (3 Honorable Mentions!)

Ashley Jackson | Photography |

Nicole Menard | Photography |

Nicholas Murphy | Photography |

Xavier Rios | Photography |

Michael Violette | Photography |





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