Senior Spotlight- Gresham Connors: by Eve Brown-Ryder

In your own words, what is it that you accomplished?

What I accomplished is getting the same score twice on the SAT. Also, I believe that I accomplished a good starting point for the ACT, in which I scored 35 out of 36.

How did you do it?

I woke up late, forgot my license and pens at home, borrowed a calculator from a friend, and also forgot that the SAT was happening that day.

Do you think your scores will help you moving forward?

I think they really helped me with getting scholarship money at Bama, but beyond that no I think they are just about worthless.

Advice for new students?

Don’t study for classes you don’t like, and never stress over standardized tests. I think the big thing to take away from this is that no matter what classes you take, all are equal going into the standardized tests. School nowadays is not so equal as the SAT or ACT is. These tests show your level of skill, knowledge, etc, while school only emphasizes good grades and behaving yourself. Forcibly taking in knowledge. Take what you will from school, take the highest levels you can, and don’t worry about your grades or class rank so much. School is not a place of learning anymore, it’s a place of grading and behaving. Learn what you want at school, and study vigorously in the classes that matter to you, and remember that your friend being five ranks ahead of you means nothing when you’re scoring the highest on the SAT.

Was a high score a personal goal of yours?

To be honest, it was not really a personal goal of mine. Tests are temporary, they mean nothing. There are more important things in life to be concerned with.

Any other major accomplishments in or out of school?

I think my most important accomplishments in my high school career are my burgeoning culinary work as well as my one-rep max on the calf extension and incline dumbbell hammer curl. I maxed out at 15 and 12.5 pounds respectively. As for my culinary career, I have become known in the area for a wide variety of recipes in which I have twisted and made unique what is already an awesome recipe. I had the honor of serving several of these recipes to my valedictorian and class president, in fact.

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