Senior Spotlight Interview with Amanda Smith: by Kimberly Kien

How long did it take you to practice singing for All-State?
– Practicing for All-State was hard for me and took me about three weeks to be confident with the material for the audition. I practiced a lot of sight-reading and the song I had to sing was in a different language so I had to keep practicing the pronunciation of the words.
What was the specific song that you had to sing for All-State?
– The specific song I had to sing was “Vittoria, mio core!” by Giacomo Carissimi. The translation of the title is “Victorious, my heart is victorious!” and I’m really glad I got to learn it because it’s a beautiful piece of music.
How long have you been in choir (in high school)?
– I have been in the Concert Choir for all four years of high school and I have been in the Chamber Choir for the last two years.
Have you been in choir or chorus before high school? If so, for how long?
– I was in the chorus at Southside for all three years and I got into the Select Choir there during the second semester of sixth grade.
Were there any obstacles that got in your way when you had to sing in All State? If so, may you explain a little bit about it?
– Besides getting sick only a few days before my audition, I think the biggest obstacle was memorizing the Italian aria that I mentioned before. It was really hard for me to learn the words of the piece, but it was even harder having to memorize the order of them and when the words started and stopped with the notes I had to sing. Mrs. Briden really helped me with everything I had trouble with by staying after with me and working through all of the rough spots I was having with the music. She was always offering help to all of us who auditioned, so I was never too worried about my audition day.
Do you have a favorite song that you have sung in choir?
– I think my favorite song in middle school was “Make Them Hear You” and I believe that was arranged by Mark Hayes. Last year in Chamber Choir we sang “12 Days of Christmas” by Straight No Chaser and that has been one of my favorite songs that I have sung in high school.

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