Senior Spotlight with Brian Cintron: by Kayla Pinard

By: Kayla Pinard

What’s the greatest accomplishment you achieved in high school?

Graduating high school and keeping my grades really good.

What’s the greatest accomplishment you’ve achieved out of high school?

My biggest accomplishment out of school would be making such good friends who always help me out and inspire me to work harder.

What was the biggest lesson you’ve learned during high school?

The biggest lesson I learned throughout this whole year would be to never do something at the last moment, instead finish it on the spot.

What’s the most memorable moment you’ve had during high school?

The most memorable would be graduation, prom, and the time we said our goodbyes to Mr. Perich during an assembly.

What are your plans after high school?

My plans are to go to college and strive for a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

What subject taught you the most about the field you want to go in after high school?

My MST program, Game development and graphics with the man himself Mr. Frasca.

What advice do you have for incoming freshmen?

I would advise freshman to mature up because when you are matured you learn much better and faster.


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