The Future of Memorial : by TuAnh Duong

     In the slew of news that comes out in today’s world, we often get “misguided” or “mislead” from what we see and hear on our TVs, phones, newspapers, and from even our own friends. This could certainly be said when it comes to the future of Memorial High School. Now, yes we have heard endless upon endless of rumors about what is happening to our school but have no fear as we have some answers to your questions. As one of our last writing pieces, we decided to do a collaboration with everyone in the newspaper club and decided to reach out to the superintendent, Dr. Vargas, to hear what he had to say. We were hopeful that we might had a chance to sit down and talk with him, however as time passed, it did not seem likely and our questions were redirected to our principal, Mr. Adamakos.

     First off we have to establish some clear ground here and that is everything, from the construction to the actual opening date of the preschool, it is being pushed back a year now for research purposes and many other reasons as of when this article is published. If construction does start, it would take place during the 2019-2020 school year and then the following year that would be when the preschool would open. The price tag of this project is to be right around one and a half to two million dollars. Of course, all of this planning will have to be approved by the Mayor and Aldermen. In theory, the location of the preschool is being placed in the 600 wing – the English department. As a result, teachers there will have to move to other places in the school. It should also be noted that teachers will have to share rooms regardless. As of now, there is a seventy-six percent occupancy. Additionally, the preschool and in correlation the playground will be taking up some parking from the staff parking lot. The staff will have to now park up front but when asking Mr. Adamakos what will happen to students who drive to school, it will remain as is. In the city of Manchester, there are currently five preschools. In this proposal, it will be bringing all the preschools together under one roof. The preschool would be the “hub center” for three and four-year-olds. How they put forward this plan is still the question to many.

     Second of all, the MST situation. Not too many people are aware of this compared to the preschool issue. The plan has already been approved and starting this fall, that is when students from MST would be coming over and their teachers as well. What they are coming over here for are the foreign language classes. The issue at hand here is that MST has teachers, but what they don’t have is enough room for these students to be placed in the classrooms at their school. They are sticking with their bell schedule and rarely would we meet them. Could they be taking more classes? It’s entirely possible, however, as of now we know that they’re taking the foreign language classes.

agree agreement ankreuzen arrangement

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     We must keep our minds open on these issues, no matter how inconceivable they may be. It is rather interesting though for such a proposal to be brought up for discussion and actually be drawn up in plans. The preschool may be a far-fetched idea, however, bringing over MST students to take some classes here because of there huge acceptance for nearly everyone and as a result, not considering their small school size in comparison to the others in the Queen City, sounds like a better idea out of the two.

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