Memorial High School Family Feud: by Kimberly Kien

Memorial High School will hold a Family Feud event. This event should come in a couple of months or so, but all the data must be compiled first. Memorial High School held a Family Feud event a few years ago, and Mr. Adamakos plans to bring it back. The previous Family Feud featured Memorial clubs and organizations who competed against each other for a prize.

When the game starts, advisories will be able to participate instead of clubs and organizations. There will be two rounds which will occur on different days. The preliminary round will come first, then the final round. Around sixteen advisories will be able to participate in this event. Mr. Adamakos would like for many different students to be involved in this game. To achieve this, each of the advisories have been polled on four different topics related to the upcoming Family Feud game. It will take a while for the data to be collected, so until then; stay tuned for more news about Memorial High School’s Family Feud!

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