What is NH-JAG? By Kimberly Kien

NH-JAG stands for “Jobs for America’s Graduates.” There are a total of 8 NH-JAG in-school high schools programs in New Hampshire. Ken Smith is the president/chief executive of NH-JAG. NH-JAG’s mission is to help make a positive change for high school students. Students of this program can receive help; deciding on what they want as a career, looking into the careers that they are interested in, and possibly working on an internship. Students can get help with building their resumes, writing cover letters, and can learn how to interview people. Students who are a part of this program can also learn how to work on better time management skills,  public speaking skills, and how to apply for a job in the right way.

This is a non-profit program that was started in Memorial High School in the year 2000. Amy Darrigo has been the coordinator of this program in our school for 5 years. Her main goal for her students is that they pass all of their classes and focus on what they need to do while they are in school and graduate as well. Once her students become seniors in high school, she can help them focus on their career paths. In the summer, these students can get employed by NH-JAG. The program may be able to help find them an internship and may pay for that internship.

The students of this program have this as a class in their schedules and they meet in room 600 every day. Students in this program can earn 1 full credit for the full year. This program is federally funded, which means that students need to have certain criteria in order to get into this program. There are certain parts of the criteria students need to meet such as: having free or reduced lunch, having a certain income, having a disability, or a 504 plan. However, any student who is interested can talk to Ms. Darrigo to learn more about it.

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