An Interview with Elise Pinsonneault: by Kimberly Kien

Congratulations go out to Elise Pinsonneault for winning 3rd place in the NHIA girls golf tournament! It seems that the Memorial High School golf team does not get recognition for its team, and I felt that I should interview one of the members of the golf team. Below is my interview with Elise Pinsonneault about her experience with golf.

Q:    How long have you played golf in Memorial High School golf team?

A:    I have played for the golf team my sophomore, junior, and senior year.

Q:    Did you previously have experience in playing golf?

A:    I had some experience before I joined the team my sophomore year- I started playing in eighth grade.

Q:    How many times do you and your golf team practice every week?

A:    I had some experience before I joined the team my sophomore year- I started playing in eighth grade.

Q:    Which team(s) did you play against (when you came in 3rd place for girls in golf)?

A:    When I came in third, it was in the “Medal Division,” of the NHIA girls tournament, so I was playing against about 25 girls who were right around my level from all over New Hampshire.

Q:    When and where did you play against these teams?

A:    I played in the NHIA Girl’s Golf Tournament at Campbell’s Scottish Highlands in Salem, NH on September 29th. My tee time was the first tee time of the day, 7:30am.

Q:    How did you feel when you were playing against the other golf teams?

A:    When I was playing against the other girls during the tournament, I treated it as any other match and just tried to have fun, stay relaxed, and improve my personal game. I thought whether I won or lost, playing in the tournament still made me a better golfer than I was before.

Q:    What is your favorite memory of when you played golf with the golf team?

A:    I think it’s impossible to pick a favorite moment I’ve shared with the team, as we have made many great memories through the years. Beating Central was always a major highlight of our season, but just having fun with the team and thinking about all the laughs we shared is my favorite part.


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