FRC Team 238’s District Competitions: by Eve Brown-Ryder

One of the less well-known teams at Memorial, Team 238, has completed two district competitions in the last month. FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) Team 238 Crusaders competed at the Northshore District Event in Reading, MA, and the UNH District Event in Durham, NH with their 2018-2019 robot RIDDLER.

Every year, FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) teams across the world are given six weeks to design and build a robot to compete in a game that is released at the beginning of each season. The game changes every year and this year it is called DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE. It is a space-themed game, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

Every event has qualification matches and elimination matches. Teams are placed in non-permanent alliances of three that compete against each other in qualification matches. Once qualifications are over, the top eight seeded teams get two picks two other teams to form a permanent alliance. These eight alliances then move into eliminations.

At their first event, Memorial’s Team 238 ranked sixteenth out of thirty-eight teams in attendance after the preliminary rounds and was then selected as an alliance partner by the eighth-seeded team. They put up a good fight until they were eliminated in a quarter-final match against the first seeded alliance.

In their second competition, the Crusaders ranked seventh overall after the prelims and were selected by   team. This time they remained in the running until semi-finals.

Although they did not win first place at either of their competitions, they won the Entrepreneurship Award at North Shore. This award is given to one team per event based on its business plan. Students on the team are responsible for writing their own business plan with limited assistance from their advisors.

The Crusaders may be done with their district competitions, but their season could continue at District, and even World, Championships. Stay tuned to find out if the Team 238 moves on or if it is done for the year.

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