Operation Varsity Blues: by Tu Anh Duong

The college admissions cheating scandal that was recently revealed to the world is shaping up to have long-term consequences for the parents who commited the crime. Dubbed “Operation Varsity Blues,” parents accused of cheating to get their children into elite schools are facing civil lawsuits and federal criminal charges. Meanwhile, there is talk in Congress of new laws aimed at cracking down on this growing issue, and the Department of Education is also reviewing the case.

If there were no celebrities involved in this case, then it would not have gained as much attention as has. Former “Full House” star Lori Loughlin and her daughter, Olivia Jade Giannulli, who have lost work from the Hallmark Channel and Sephora respectively, are just two of the people who are already feeling the effects of the scandal.

Several of the colleges involved have launched their own probes. The sweeping criminal investigation alleges that wealthy parents from throughout the country sought out Newport Beach businessman William “Rick” Singer with one goal: to get their children into the best colleges. Singer, who owns an admissions assistance company, told parents he had built a “side door” into the University of Southern California and other highly sought-after universities and could help their children walk through.

Simply put, money is a very powerful tool, and in this case it almost paid off for wealthy parents and their offspring.  However, paying large amounts to avoid the tough admissions requirements for elite colleges may not lead to future success. There are plenty of universities and colleges in this country. Studies have shown that the prestige of a school may have little to do with the success of the student later in life. Students who work hard can come out of state schools or community colleges and do extremely well. On the other hand, lazy kids with Ivy League degrees are not guaranteed a rosy future.

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