FRC Team 238 Goes to WPI: by Eve Brown-Ryder

Memorial’s FIRST robotics team, 238 Crusaders, saved their best performance of the season for the New England District Championship at WPI from April 11th to April 13th. They finished 21st out of 64 teams during the qualification matches. They then made it to the quarterfinal elimination matches as part of the 8th seed alliance.

The team struggled through some early season growing pains. This year’s robot, RIDDLER, suffered mechanical issues during the events leading up to the District Championship, including a broken elevator at the North Shore competition. The team was able to learn from these problems and improve their performance, culminating with their strong showing at District Champs.

For the second year in a row, 238 qualified for the World Championship in Detroit. However, the team had to decline due to lack of resources. With the FRC season officially over, the Crusaders can move into community outreach, training new members, and planning for next season.

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