Mindy Perkins’ Senior Spotlight: by Amy Christopher

Mindy Perkins has kept a smile on her face throughout her time at Memorial. She is unwaveringly sweet and complimentary towards others, simply because she believes that “it is always nice to be polite and respectful.”

Throughout her high school career, Perkins has struggled with math. That, however, has not stopped her from thriving in the arts. She has been in art classes, concert choir, and even Memorial’s Got Talent. Not only is Perkins fond of the arts, but she considers her involvement in them to be the high point of her high school career.

Moving on from high school means leaving some things behind. For Perkins, the things she will miss most are her friends and her teachers. One of the teachers she will be leaving is Mr. Brien, who she would like to thank for having her in concert choir.

As a soon-to-be graduate, Perkins has some advice to share with the class of 2020. She recommends that rising seniors work hard, respect their teachers, avoid in-class phone use, and not bully others. She believes that Memorial should be a bully-free zone.

Perkins plans to stay involved in the arts after graduation, the culinary arts. She wants to work in a kitchen and plans to get her foot in the door by setting up tables at Belmont Hall.

One thought on “Mindy Perkins’ Senior Spotlight: by Amy Christopher

  1. Congratulations on all your hard work and accomplishments Mindy. I always knew your kindness, sweetness and determination would take you far in life.
    Don’t you ever change your way of thinking for anybody. Stay true to yourself .
    I loved being your teacher at McLaughlin ~
    Good luck in the future ~


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