Xavier Rios’ Senior Spotlight: by Tu Anh Duong

Xavier Rios is a photographer at Memorial High School who believes that art “is a freedom of expression… [with] meaning behind [it].” He has been interested in photography ever since he was exposed to the work of a friend’s older brother. That initial interest and inspiration has become a five-year-long passion.

While Rios does not like to deem any of his pieces as his “best work,” he does consider the construction and completion of his gallery work for Cabonnay, an art gallery here in Manchester, to be one of his most cherished high school memories. He compared finishing this project to a weight being lifted from his shoulders. Rios is currently working with artist and musician SIGmuzic.

Upon his graduation, Rios intends to invest more time in photography. Despite his aspirations for the future, however, he will miss a couple things about high school. These things include his photography classes, sociology with Mr. Bailey, and psychology with Mr. Lesseuire. He recommends that Memorial’s rising seniors not waste their words on ones who deserve their silence, and would like to give a “[s]hout out to Mr. Studway, Mr. Bailey, Mr. Lesseuire, and Mr. Dick, Mrs. Christopher, the guy who made my camera, and lastly the guy who made my Walburger Burger.”

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