Alex Ashooh’s Senior Spotlight: by Tu Anh Duong

Graduating Senior Alex Ashooh joined Memorial’s wrestling team after watching a meet and it has made him a better person, leader, and sportsman. He appreciates wrestling because unlike other sports that are more team centered, he knows that everything he does in a match is solely his doing and there is nobody else carrying him through. The highlight of Ashooh’s high school career was joining the team and making it to the Meet of Champions. His only regret is not making any further than that.

Although he will miss his coach, he looks forward to wrestling next year for Plymouth State University. His piece of advice for Memorial’s soon-to-be seniors is to join a sport. Sports provide a family for anyone who chooses to accept the challenge, and he believes that that is more important than popularity or the jersey. Before moving on into the great unknown, Ashooh would “love to give a shout out to Mr. David Bailey for being the realist teacher [at Memorial].”

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