Ryan Kenny’s Senior Spotlight: by Tu Anh Duong

Ryan Kenny first joined a track team in middle school to hang out and compete with friends. He always considered himself a competitive person and enjoyed the thrill of competing against other teams when he first started. Despite losing most of his races in the beginning, Kenny stuck with the sport and is currently enjoying success on Memorial’s track team.

Out of all the things one could miss when graduating, Kenny believes that he will miss playing ping-pong with his friends. In fact, one of his favorite memories is at time with his friends playing ping-pong and talking about all the things they wanted to accomplish as seniors. He says that “the simple things always seem to mean the most.”

Kenny’s advice to rising seniors is simply to get involved. He believes that the best ways to do this are to go with friends see our teams play at their events, get involved in student-led activities like tailgating before football games, and just to have school pride.

This track star is excited to be continuing with his sport in college. He is amazed by the schools that have reached out to him and hopes that all students have the opportunity to have an experience like he is having.

Kenny has a couple of teachers he would like to give a shoutout to: “Special thanks would have to go to Mr. Gocklin and Mrs. Levine for helping me through all my hard times and supporting me every step of the way throughout my high school experience. I definitely wouldn’t have gotten this far without them.”

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