Ashleigh Woods’ Senior Spotlight: by Tu Anh Duong

Ashleigh Woods is president of both the Memorial student council and the National English Honor Society She is also a member of the National Honor Society, captain of the alpine ski team, and our student representative to the school board. She is also the coxswain of Memorial’s crew team.

Woods loves crew because it provides her with a competitive outlet where she can build her leadership and teamwork skills. The excitement that comes with racing neck and neck and knowing that pure willpower could lead her team to pull ahead is the best feeling in the world to her. Her favorite memory with the crew team is placing fifth at the North East Districts Regatta. She plans to continue with this sport in college and has already been invited to join the team at the University of Alabama. 

A particular high point in Woods’s high school career was when she received good news on her August SAT score. She put eight months into studying and took the SAT, ACT, an SAT Subject Tests prior to her August SAT, all in an effort to get the highest score possible. Woods believes that her high score is a reflection of all of her hard work. 

Upon graduation Woods will miss seeing her closest friends every day, making memories with them and even complaining about hard classes together. Despite having to move on, her experience in high school has left her with some advice to give incoming seniors. She recommends getting all college applications completed before Senior year begins. Also, she has a teacher she would like to acknowledge: “Thank you Dooly! Thank you for dealing with me the past four years.  Thank you for inspiring me to become a teacher [and] for being my advisor, my coach, my school mom and my greatest teacher. I aspire to be like you one day: baffle peoples’ minds with my knowledge, speak volumes in a few words, have a cute dog, and be the chillest person around.” Roll Tide!

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