Jenna Bienvenue’s Senior Spotlight: by Tu Anh Duong

Jenna Bienvenue has been involved in theatre since she was four years old when she saw one of her first professional shows. She currently works with the Palace Theatre here in Manchester, NH, and appreciates that she can get paid for doing what she loves. 

Bienvenue’s favorite memory from her high school years is stepping in for the Palace’s youth production of Spamalot. She had to learn the whole play in two hours in order to replace a sick cast member who could not perform. Also, some of her fondest in-school memories are the pep rallies and, more specifically, performing with Mr. Gocklin for the winter assembly.

Looking back on her four years at Memorial, she regrets not getting involved in more sports, but is confident that focusing on acting was the right choice. What she does not regret, however, is meeting her friends. She will miss them more than anything else and is so glad to have met “the most truthful and greatest people.”

Moving forward, Bienvenue is anxiously waiting to attend the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music for her Bachelor of Fine Arts in musical theatre. Before she moves on, though, she would like to remind next year’s seniors that they are on their last step. She recommends students enjoy high school while they can and then attend a college that wants them.   

Lastly, this actress has some teachers she would like to give a special shoutout to: “I would like to thank Senora Gomez, Mr. Lessieur, Mrs. Levine and Mr. Jones. All of these teachers have been so flexible with my schedule and really worked with me to make sure I could get all of my school work done and work professionally in theatre.”


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