New Teacher Interview: Ms. Korkosz: by Rebecca Ducret

Memorial gained a good amount of new staff members this year, one of them being Trisha Korkosz, a teacher of special education at Memorial. 

As a child, Ms. Korkosz aspired to work in and one day run her family’s business. She wanted to join the military as a teenager, but that changed in college when she decided she wanted to go into business. “I was an Executive Administrative Assistant at a local bank, I worked in Customer Services at a number of different area businesses, and I was a stay at home mom when my twins were young. While they were in elementary school, I had a part-time job.” 

She never expected to be a high school special education teacher, in fact, she never expected to be a teacher at all. “I initially avoided becoming an educator. It was first mentioned to me in college by a professor [who] thought I would be successful at it. It was mentioned to me again when I moved back to the area after college and I decided to go into customer service. Then, when my children were in elementary it was suggested again and this time I listened. I decided to include special education in my degree program in order to help my future students.” 

Ms. Korkosz said she took the position at Memorial because “I was very impressed with how the administration talked about the students and the schools. When I first went back to school to get a teaching degree, I thought I would work with elementary-aged students. I had a professor who encouraged me to explore being a special education teacher. He said he ‘had a hunch’ it would be a great fit for me. He was right on the money.” 

Even though Ms. Korkosz has only been at Memorial for a short time, she is already “learning a lot and [has] met many wonderful students and teachers.” Her favorite parts of Memorial, so far, are how the school is a community and that the teachers and the students are welcoming. Ms. Korkosz considers her strengths as a teacher to be that she is a  “detail-oriented person and I am willing to try different strategies to help students be successful.” She also “believe[s] students want to be successful, but sometimes do not have the skills … and we as educators need to help students acquire the skills to be successful in school and later on in life.” Lastly, Ms. Korkosz hopes to make a difference at Memorial in any way that she can. 

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