Midterm Madness: Year Two: by Eve Brown-Ryder

This is the second year of Memorial’s three-day (as opposed to the previous four-day) midterm/final schedule. Last year, The Memorial Crusader News released an article about this issue in which three parties were spoken with: Mr. Adamakos, a senior student, and a teacher. This year, Mr. Perich, Ward 8’s new school board representative and former vice principal at Memorial, was interviewed in light of the continuance of this policy.

According to Mrs. Perich, the superintendent had to make the switch because there were not enough hours in the school year. When the district moved from a daily schedule to an hourly one with five built in snow days, there was time that needed to be made up. The afternoon sessions that came from condensing the midterm/final schedule gave the district the hours they needed.

Mr. Perich was aware of the discontentment among teachers and students alike when the schedule first got condensed, but he has not gotten any complaints about the matter since taking office. The decline in unrest is for the best, because when asked if reverting the schedule would ever be on the table, his response was “at this point, I do not think so.” However, if anyone is still upset about three-day exams, the school board would like to point out that built in snow days would most likely go away with a return to the old schedule.

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