Midterm Madness: The Survey Results: by Eve Brown-Ryder

Results from Midterm Madness: The Survey, made publically available through The Memorial Crusader News website, has now closed and 91.2% of voters preferred the four-day schedule. The survey attracted 419 participants including students (former and current), teachers, guidance counselors, parents, and taxpayers. Although it was not required, there was a “why” section of the survey and 396 people included their reasoning. The general consensus was that three tests per day rather than two is too much stress and did not give students enough time to study. Those who were in favor of the three-day schedule liked that it allows students to get out earlier in the year (because fewer test days allow time for built-in snow days).

While it seems like many people would jump at the opportunity to revert to the four-day schedule, Mr. Adamakos and Ward 8’s school board representative Peter Perich have made it clear that it is unlikely and perhaps impossible for that to happen. Both gentlemen were interviewed by The Memorial Crusader News on this issue, but Mr. Adamakos’ interview occurred and was published last year, the first year of the three-day schedule. As such, his responses from then to now may have evolved and a follow-up interview is in the works.

Mr. Adamakos’ Interview: 


Mr. Perich’s Interview:


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