Warren Rallies New Hampshire: by Eve Brown-Ryder

On Tuesday, February 11th, New Hampshire was the first state in the nation to have its presidential primary. Elections took over the state, dominating the airwaves and street corners. Many politicians came to visit, including Elizabeth Warren. People of all ages, races, genders, and walks of life went to the Executive Health & Sports Center near Manchester-Boston Regional Airport to support her during one of the many rallies in the state. It was no coincidence that the event occurred on the same day as the primary as the event was timed to watch the results roll in.

The night started with snack tables open to supporters while news outlets buzzed around interviewing anyone who was willing to share their thoughts. Then, about an hour into the night, Warren took the stage and began her speech. She only spoke for ten minutes or so, but frequent uproars of chanting and applause made it lengthier. Warren mainly focused on her desire to, and reasons for, wanting to end government corruption. After her main point, though, she explained that even though everyone is different “we want an America where every person has a voice in our democracy… that America is within our reach.” The speech concluded with Warren thanking all of her volunteers and supporters.

Directly after the speech (which concluded at about 8:40), Warren had a rather large selfie session and then the night went back to socializing. Despite Warren’s best efforts to gain popularity among New Hampshire Democrats, she was considerably behind in the polls all night and only received 9.2% of the votes, putting her in fourth place overall.

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