Look Out For “A Chorus Line” by Eve Brown-Ryder

Rehearsals are in full swing for the classic musical A Chorus Line to be performed by Memorial’s own Crusader Players Drama Team on May 14th, 15th, and 16th. This show is about a group of dancers auditioning to be on a production’s chorus line. It is a rollercoaster of emotions designed to leave the audience feeling uplifted. There is a bulletin board in the cafeteria where show information is actively being displayed.

Although some roles may be shifted or reassigned, most of the parts will remain intact. In addition to a cast of fabulous actors, there will be a pit band comprised of Memorial’s talented musicians. Mrs. Ruth Nice is the director of the production, along with Mr. Brien and Mr. Gocklin as music directors and Alicia Edgar as choreographer. All of these fine people will continue working hard to put on some great shows.

If anybody has an interest in helping out backstage (this includes costumes, set design, stage crew, etc.), please contact Mrs. Nice at rnice@mansd.org.

Cast list for A Chorus Line:

Zach: Mark Lupa

Lori: Abigail Hudgens

Judy: Kaitlyn Duguay

Diana: Madison Wallace

Kristine: Olivia Rosa

Val: Kira Harrison

Sheila: Isabelle Strandson

Connie: Leala Shyabout

Bebe: Zavia Prechek

Maggie: Eve Brown-Ryder

Cassie: Nyssa Barret

Don: Ava Twordosky

Richie: Cameron Adams

Mark: Trevor Adams

Mike: Shawn Monelly

Greg: Sorchae McMeel

Bobby: Kelly Leonard

Al: Kaley Lambert

Paul: Darren Thomas

Cut Dancers: Emma Burns, Rebecca Ducret, Daniela Duque, and Angelina Rioux

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