Zach Biron’s Senior Spotlight: by Eve Brown-Ryder

Zach Biron has been involved in theater since the age of four. He has been in about fifty productions including Legally Blonde, Oliver!, Next to Normal, Les Miserables, and A Chorus Line. Throughout his fourteen years of acting, he has worked primarily with The Palace Theatre, but also lesser-known places like the Bedford Youth Performing Company, Cue Zero Theatre, Majestic Theatre, and The Acting Loft.

As far as balancing school and theater goes, it has been difficult for Biron. “There have been many times where I have tried to balance school work alongside working in a production, which ultimately caused me to fall behind.” He has actually noticed this happening more his senior year because Biron has invested himself in a professional production in addition to preparing for college. Fortunately, though, he has a great support system at Memorial (peers and teachers) who help him keep up.

Zach’s personal life is also largely devoted to theater. He has met most of his closest friends through drama and the arts. In fact, “not a day has gone by where there wasn’t something “theatrical” [happening], whether that’s rehearsing, auditioning, stressing about auditioning, procrastinating rehearsing, or just straight up performing in a show.” Biron’s life has become even more theater-centric this year due to traveling to auditions for college. Although there have been many plans canceled in the name of theater, he would not want it any other way.

Following up on his college interests, Biron wants to attend a four-year university to get his Bachelor of Fine Arts in musical theater. Throughout his time there, he hopes to network with people who can help him find a place in the industry. He also wants to minor in art therapy or a similar therapeutic practice so he can help people while staying connected to the arts. Regardless of his career path, Biron wants theater to be a part of his life forever. “[I]f I am able to continue making people laugh [by] getting… [them] pulled into a show, I will be happy.”

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