Lyric Grumblatt’s Senior Spotlight: by Ayah Elrayah with Eve Brown-Ryder

Lyric Grumblatt is a basketball player who started playing in first grade at Highland Goffes Falls. She joined the team because she loved playing basketball in the street with her friends. Grumblatt’s grandfather, who played division one basketball in college, helped teach her.

Over the years, Grumblatt has had many accomplishments. In eighth grade, she won athlete of the year. Last year, she got the Coach’s Award and this year completed one of her goals, scoring her 1000th point. “It was a big goal of mine, so to finally get there… felt amazing, but also a relief. [It felt] like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I was so glad I could share that moment with my team.”  

Basketball has taught Grumblatt leadership skills, teamwork and how to keep going even when things get tough. Some of her favorite parts about the sport include meeting new people, early-morning practices, and traveling. She has gone all over the country with her Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) team and “I’d have to say Louisville was my favorite.”

Seeing as Grumblatt is an experienced athlete and student, she has some advice for both groups. Her recommendation for basketball players is, “never stop practicing and… always believe in yourself… remember who you are playing for: not only yourself but your teammates and school.” For underclassmen, Grumblatt advises, “don’t take any of these four years for granted. With all that is going on now, the only place I want to be is back in school with my friends. School might seem like a chore and a hassle at times, but it’s a privilege.”

Grumblatt will be attending Rivier University in Nashua in hopes of becoming a veterinarian, her dream job.

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