Combined Campus Survey Results: Part One: by Eve Brown-Ryder

It has only been a day since the Combined Campus survey went live and there are already over 445 responses as of 3:00 p.m. with more coming in every minute. 62.4% of survey-takers were students, 22.2% were parents, and 9.8% were teachers. The other 5.6% of participants identified as alumni, residents, family members, etc. 

In addition to what their role in the district is, they were also asked which school they are affiliated with. 72.5% answered Manchester Memorial High School (MHS), a much smaller amount, 19%, said the Manchester School of Technology (MST), 3.9% are not affiliated with a school, and 4.6% answered “other.” The responses under the “other” included mostly people who have ties to both MHS and MST or to other schools in the district.

The surveyed parties were asked if they were aware of the superintendent’s proposal to combine MHS and the MST prior to taking the survey. The majority, 57.6%, were not. 21.4% were vaguely aware of it and 21% were familiar with the proposal. More importantly than if they were previously aware of it, and arguably most importantly, the surveyed peoples were asked if they were in favor of the proposal. Many of the participants, 61.9% to be exact as of 3:00, were not. 16.6% said they might be in favor and 21.5%, supported the plan.

The last question of the survey was a free response question asking if the survey-takers wanted to change anything about the proposal. Many of the responses were something along the lines of “just don’t do it.” There were also plenty of responses having to do with competency-based learning. The superintendent’s proposal says that MHS would adopt MST’s system of learning, but many of the responses indicated that it should be the other way around. The proposal also mentions that MHS’s empty classrooms would be used for MST. However, a handful of comments let on that the plan would only work on paper. There were some comments calling the plan “perfect” and encouraging the school board to go for it, but, as the previous percentages demonstrated, most of the comments were against the proposal entirely or suggested some fairly large changes.

The survey is still open so please keep submitting responses! There will be an updated list of results when the survey closes.

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