Crusaders Defeat Little Green: by Tia Torres

The Memorial Crusaders varsity football team beat Central’s Little Green 21-20 on Friday, September 25. With the score tied at 14-14, Memorial’s #21 Kai Colson ran for an 81-yard touchdown with 1:03 left in the game bringing the score 20-14. Another Crusader, #11 Will Clark, then kicked the extra point making the score 21-14. That was followed by a touchdown by Central but with .2 seconds left on the clock Memorial’s defense blocked the extra point attempt. Central went for the onside kick, but it was caught by Memorial’s #30 Erik Seymore Jr. who then dropped to the ground securing the first win for Memorial against Central in six years.

Two coaches and two players were interviewed after the big win. 

Coach Sturgis, head coach of Memorial’s varsity football team for the last three years, was asked how his first time beating Central felt. He responded, “It felt great to finally be able to win that game. It was great for our kids and coaches to experience that and have all of their hard work pay off. It is never easy to win a game, especially when it’s your crosstown rivals, so for our kids to be able to play well and come out on top was great.” He then shared his hopes for the rest of the season. “The goal we tell our kids every week is to continue to build and improve on a daily basis. As long as they put in the best effort they can, then that’s all we can ask for. If we are able to continue to get better and build on last week’s performance we should be able to compete in a lot of games this year and hopefully come out on top.” 

Coach Seymore is a position coach for wide receivers and defensive backs. He was asked if there was any point in the game where he was not feeling confident that the Crusaders would win. He gave a great answer, “No not at all, I knew what our guys were capable of. Towards the end of the game, it was very tense, but I had faith that our boys would pull it off.” The final question he answered was about how he felt after Friday night’s game. “Excited and hopeful. Our head coach, Coach Sturgis, is building something special and creating a different and exciting new culture here.” He finished off by saying “This was a well-deserved win.”

Also interviewed was #79 Sebastian B., a senior tackle here at Memorial. His responses were short and to the point. He was asked if there was any point in the game where he felt they possibly would not win. “No” he responded, “there was no point in which I thought we were going to lose.” Sebastian B. was quick to share how proud he felt winning as a senior, too. Lastly, he was asked how he felt about the penalty Memorial received for over-celebrating. “I felt like the whole game the [referees] were not in our favor and it was kind of unnecessary but I understood it.” 

The previously mentioned Erik Seymore Jr. is a freshman running back. Much like Sebastian B., when asked if he lost confidence in the team’s ability to win at any point that night. He expressed that he was always pretty confident in the team. He was also asked how he felt about being a freshman on the varsity team. “It’s a great feeling knowing the coaches liked my effort and… ability and thought I was good enough to play varsity.” The final thing Seymore Jr. shared was his frustration about the penalty Memorial received for over-celebrating. “I was angry. We won against our rival school and I think we should have been allowed to celebrate as we did without a penalty.”

It looks like the Crusaders’ football season is off to a great start. On to the next win!

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