The Remote Impact on Students: Introduction: by Eve Brown-Ryder

Students at Memorial High School have been learning remotely since March 13th, 2020 with a variety of different experiences. Students have been impacted by the change both positively and negatively. A survey was sent out to Memorial’s student body that explored the impact of remote learning from a number of different angles. The first set of questions were about student engagement in school from the first quarter of last year (before remote learning) to the last quarter of last year (during remote learning). The next group of questions asked students about their engagement in remote learning from September of this year to November of this year. Finally, there was a section of questions about quarter one of this school year in general, including topics like workload and whether or not students have a designated “school area” in their house.

During the five days this survey was active, there were 207 anonymous responses generated from a wide range of students. In terms of grade level, there was a reasonably balanced showing with 24.2% of survey-takers being freshmen, 32.9% sophomores, 26.6% juniors, and 16.4% seniors. The same applied to gender seeing as 53.6% of responding students were female, 40.6% were male, and 5.8% answered “other” or “prefer not to answer.” There was also representation from at least eight different ethnicities including Black or African American, East Asian or Asian American, Indian American, Latinx or Hispanic American, Middle Eastern or Arab American, Native American, and Non-Hispanic White. There were also some students, 15.4% to be exact, who answered “other” or “prefer not to answer.”

Since this survey received so many responses and had so many questions, the results will be published as a mini-series. The first article will discuss the results from the section about last year. The second article will address the responses and feedback pertaining to September versus November. The final article will explore how students managed this school year’s first quarter in general and their feedback about the experience.

This was one of the most polarizing surveys The Memorial Crusader News has ever administered so be sure to stay tuned for all of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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